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cuspofexposure asked:

I have a few cousins who are darker then me and when I say oh thats my cousin some people are astonished. They say how can he / she be your cousin there black. Ugh the ignorance. Latinas/ latinos are a rainbow nation.



koyotlman asked:

Gracias por su enfoque en este asunto tan clave por nuestra Raza. Tomé muchos años conociendo quien soy, que son mis raíces, mi gente. Espero que su blog enseñe los jóvenes a quienes parecen, y quizás dándoles un buen idea a donde buscar su raíz.


¡De nada!

Quick Note about Submissions…

Loving the stories and submissions everyone is sending in…


This is an oppressor and stereotype-free space and if you haven’t seen your submission yet, here are some reasons:

1) You will in a couple of days.


2) You reinforced stereotypes and/or disinformation. ie-“I looked more Latino as a baby”…”I have Latin features”…the whole point of this blog is to show that there is NO look to being of or from Latin America. Hence the name of the blog.

3) You generalized or denigrated another group, or promoted respectability politics. ie- “I speak proper spanish.”

3) You racialized the Latino ethnicity. “Latino” is not a race, nor does it denote only one culture. Latin America has a myriad of cultures. 

4) You trivialized the struggles of Latin@s who are not white or white-passing by denying, downplaying ignoring the benefits white privilege affords to those whom are or perceived as such.

The representation and imagery of Latin@s has always been grossly whitewashed within Latin@/Spanish-language media and  U.S. media. It is not at all accurate of the diversity (of people, languages, cultures, religions, beliefs, traditions, influences etc.) within Latinidad and Latin America and its diaspora. This blog aims to create that space, please be mindful of that.

Hola my name is Marie (15) and i`m panamanian ,my dad is white  Spanish/Arab and my mom is black indian/spanish descent and when i told people that i latina they are like:”But you are Black” or “You don`t look like a latina” Or “You are too tall to be latina” . I want people to understand that being latin is not about a race…


fideietamore asked:

This blog is my life





ghosty-pumpkin-petals asked:

Oh gosh I just stumbled across your blog, it's amazing! Being half-Cuban half-Costa Rican I can absolutely relate to the frustration when it comes to dealing with ignorant remarks such as "oh you're to white to be Hispanic" or "she's your mom? I thought she was your nanny, you look nothing alike!" Quick question, if Hispanic and Latino are not considered a race, then what is our race? Thanks again for running this blog! *Hugs* :)


Thanks for your kind words! :-D

Hispanic and Latino are not races. Race is a myth, BUT it is socially/politically/economically real. One can be any race or mix of races and be of or from Latin America. Please browse through the blog to see more. And this preview from my project explains more: http://negrodocumentary.com/post/50343418897/in-general-people-do-not-realize-the-blackness

There were the indigenous already in the Americas, European colonizers and Africans that came free and enslaved, then many, many, many migrations from every part of the globe to Latin America. Asian, Jewish Arab, and many more, you name it. So there is NO WAY that one “race” is representative of all of that diversity. One CAN be white and Latin@ at the same time, in the same way one can be Asian and Latin@ at the same time, Black and Latin@ at the same time and may identify as such, as well as someone identifying as mestizo or indigenous etc. And it is very important to recognize the social, color and racial hierarchy still operating in the Americas.

You’d have to find out your own family history to know what your lineage is. Personally, I am unambiguously of African descent. With various lineage, but I identify as an Afrodescendant. 


Some of the individuals featured in the NEGRO: A docu-series about Latino Identity!

Panama, Peru, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Colombia and Costa Rica represented here. 



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